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Billings Concrete Contractors and Stamped Concrete

Concrete companies in Backersfield, CA. Likely the last thing you thought (or hoped) you’d be scouring the web for. Maybe this is a honey-do? Or perhaps you are the “honey” looking to finally put in that new driveway , sidewalk, or patio for the upcoming season. Look, there are a lot of NWA companies interested in earning your business. Let’s face it, cement, in all of it’s different forms, is a commodity. Our motto is to provide value upfront, show you that working with us is a better option than just calling a few concrete subs, and then ultimately let you decide which direction to go.
Our company and many other concrete driveway contractors offer an array of asphalt services. From concrete by the yard, to paving driveways, and residential
concrete repair . If you are in the market for anything cement related, you came to the right place.

Our professional contractors offer both residential and commercial services. Whether you bought a new house and need your driveway repaired, or you simply want an estimate on a fun project you have in the works, give us a call. Our experts will decorate the cement around your home, repair masonry, pour foundations, and even put in your sidewalk.



Installing concrete should not be done by everyone, but only by professionals, that have the right equipment and capacity to do it. We understand and know what our customers want and will deliver it as quickly as we can. You may think that calling someone to pour cement will do the job, but it will probably just end up hurting your exterior. Once your cement will be poured, our experts will make sure that it is leveled and finished the correct way.

Concrete Coating: 

This is the technique that protects concrete, making it more durable, and strong which reduces costs of maintenance. You may look online and find some diy guides, and try to do it yourself, but by doing so you usually end up doing more harm than good. Coatings should only be done by professional contractors, this will save you future costs for maintenance and cleaning. When it comes to coating, what people seem to be missing is the fact that your exterior is not only affected by the weather, but also by daily traffic, especially if you are needing service for your driveway. It is important to create a long lasting product, that won’t need to be fixed or changed in the short term.


We will come see how many square feet or yards you need, and how big of an area you need covered. We will bring the exact amount(or as close to it as possible), but can provide more if needed. We also offer colored concrete, and can decorate your yard however you would like. We are a local company here in Backersfield, CA, and have been working both with residential and commercial customers. Our experts will arrive with trucks, sand, cement, and anything else that you may need. We want to deliver a fast, but high-quality service to all of our customers.

Does stamping concrete weaken it?

No, stamping concrete will not weaken it if done the proper way. The slab will need to properly dry for 30 days, when it comes to durability it all really depends on the quality of the materials used, and on how it has been poured. Not only this will allow your patio to last long, but also not to be slippery. If you previously got a stamped concrete work, and found out it is now very slippery when walking on it, it is simply because the service was not done properly. Our professional contractors know how much the quality of our materials, and delivery of our product is important to our company. They will make sure to answer all of your questions, and to create something valuable for your home.

Flatwork & Other Concrete Services

Cement pads are very versatile and can be used in many ways, from decorating your yard, to creating your driveway, or simply building your sidewalk. You will be able to pick, color and size, which makes these pads very easy to adapt to your home and style.


  • Forms:

These forms are widely used by our experts to provide stability and a safe barrier while building and dealing with cement. These solid forms will provide a stable barrier while your cement is poured.

  • Sealing:

Even if you may think that your concrete will last forever, there are many things that can end up ruining it. The main problem is the fact that it is most likely outside of your home, so it subject to extreme weather and mutable conditions. Our experts understand and know the weather here in Backersfield, California. and will make sure we will seal everything to avoid any future damage. We want our service to turn into a future investment. Our experts can also offer cleaning and maintenance. You may think you can clean it yourself, but when it comes down to professional service, we know how to deliver the results that you are looking for.

  • Staining:

This service can be done both on old and new cement. It all depends on your needs and necessity. Staining will not only allow us to add color, but it will also allow us to make the slab more translucent and deep. Our stains are made with acid, and will remain and last with time, it is not a temporary service.

  • Decorative:

Cement isn’t just useful for sidewalks, or driveways, but it can really switch up the look of your house. Concrete has been used to decorate for many years, from the different shapes to the many colors, it really comes down to what you like and need. We will stain, polish, and decorate based on your taste. Upgrade your home with our decorative options, this will be an effective and easy way to add some value to your home.

Is rebar necessary in driveways?

Rebar is not always necessary, it depends on the conditions of your driveway, one big factor is if the concrete is placed on a compacted and stable platform. It is hard to tell without looking at each specific one, if you give us a call right now, we will schedule an appointment with one of our experts, and will come to look at it so we can give you a realistic answer.

Remember that even if you do end up fixing it, you will always need to maintain the cement around your house, so that it can last longer. All of these are options offered by our professionals.